Welcome to Pentagon Consulting

Pentagon Consulting (“Pentagon”) is a niche financial services consultancy company that specialises in providing advice, implementation and change management support to investment management/banking organisations and securities/fund service providers internationally; with clients in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, Asia and the United States.

Working closely with clients, Pentagon addresses the challenges associated with continually evolving business processes, practices, technology, regulations and markets. As clients consider either outsourcing options or more integrated systems and operations to meet business challenges, it invariably requires modifications to business workflows, processes, practices and the underlying technologies.

Pentagon combines business expertise with extensive knowledge of technology solutions to support clients through a change cycle; helping them to define, select and deliver enhancements to achieve cost and process efficiencies throughout their business.

Pentagon currently has offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and North America.

Pentagon brings together industry thinking on the topic of Investment Book of Record (“IBOR”). Find out more on the latest IBOR views and opinions and download the Whitepapers "IBOR" - Investment Book of Records - Can't See the Wood for the Trees? and What is IBOR?