Data management projects continue to be an area of interest for clients and in some cases, Cadis is their solution of choice.

Since Pentagon became an accredited partner to Cadis in 2010, Pentagon has continually grown its Data Management practice to enhance services to clients and offer a variety of options associated with the many challenges linked to data management and solution integration.

2012 has seen three more data management consultants recruited to enhance Pentagon’s service proposition, covering middleware solutions and integration. As part of their assignment to Pentagon’s data management practice, all new consultants have advanced level accreditation with Cadis, as this solution is regularly utilised by our clients; although their skills can be equally beneficial with any other solutions that we work with in this space and we commonly integrate a multitude of systems, as part of a complete solution.

Pentagon supports projects associated with data management across many business areas and the technology utilised to support enhancements. This ranges from the integration of management of reference data from multiple suppliers to data management solutions that accommodate strategic technical architecture developments on a global scale across numerous business practices, including: data centralisation and warehousing, order management, transaction processing, exception management, position keeping and fund accounting.

As a specialist in managing programmes of work to implement technological solutions within investment management and security services organisations, Pentagon’s Data Management practice is one area that supports this growth, combined with overall detailed knowledge and experience of business practices and processes.

Posted 1st April 2012

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Pentagon Continues Growth of Data Management Practice, Pentagon Consulting

by Carole Peacock

Carole is our Managing Director having joined the company in 2009.

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