With a wealth of industry relationships, experience and domain knowledge in Investment Management, Pentagon offers a range of services.

Advisory Services Business Change Services

Pentagon is ideally positioned to advise clients with their research, market evaluation and change requirements through a range of consultancy services, which is supported by Pentagon's specialist consultants and subject matter expertise.

Service and Vendor Evaluation

Having a wealth of industry relationships, experience in implementation of services and solutions and first-hand experience dealing with many third party suppliers to Investment Managers Pentagon is extraordinarily well-placed to support you through the service and vendor evaluation process.

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Target Operating Model Design

Creating an optimal Target Operating Model (TOM) of your business vision, prompted by changes in regulation, products/services, technology, infrastructure, geographical reach, mergers and acquisitions, has never been such a challenge.

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Strategic Requirements Development

A change in Business Strategy prompting Business, technical and operational change requires broad consideration.

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IT and Data Architecture Design

The continuous evolution of markets, Business Processes and IT will render the best IT and Data Architecture obsolete in time.

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Service and Vendor Selection Process Management

With a large number of vendors offering an ever increasing number of software solutions available off-the-shelf the task of selection is a considerable one.

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Governance and Risk Assessment

Delivering Change on-time and within budget is always important. When component of a large, convoluted or perhaps global change programme the ramifications of overrunning can quickly become very serious indeed.

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Business Process Evaluation

Whether embarking upon minor or major change to your Business Process we follow best practice at Pentagon by starting with a top-down review of your current Business Process.

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Business Change Services Advisory Services

However change is initiated, either from regulation, product/services development to technology infrastructure or geographical reach. Pentagon provides a range of services and resources to support the change and delivery process.

Change Business Case Development

Procuring approval for investment and gaining team commitment to programmes and projects can be problematic.

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Programme and Project Management

Managing programmes and their associated projects through their final stages of delivery adhering to the required quality, scope, time and budgetary constraints is clearly of key importance to your business.

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Change Resourcing

Crucial to the successful implementation of a project or programme of change is the strength of the team assigned to it.

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Service and Vendor Selection Execution

Along with the Target Operating Model (TOM) definition, the planning of Delivery Roadmaps as well as selection of Systems and Solutions will form the foundation of your target business.

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Change Analysis and Functional Design

The journey from initial Project Scoping through to Signoff presents many challenges along the way.

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Change Delivery and Execution

From inception Pentagon has provided a full complement of resources to deliver change in the traditional Project Team form including Project Managers, Business Analysts, Test Analysts and skilled Development Individuals.

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Test Management and Execution

The quality, functionality and suitability of the end-product of change frequently goes beyond meeting a business requirement; forming part of a business brand and even affecting company culture all adds to the importance of Quality Assurance and Test Management.

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Transitioning Change to BAU

The organisational side of change, being on the periphery of the core change project, can sometimes suffer a lack of focus.

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