Whether embarking upon minor or major change to your Business Process we follow best practice at Pentagon by starting with a top-down review of your current Business Process.

This provides a baseline by which we can measure subsequent change and assess the impact of any issues found based on documented fact.

Using formal methodology combined with Domain Knowledge and Subject Matter Expertise (SME) we highlight opportunities for improvement such as automation of intense manual processing, consolidation of processes with commonality and closer alignment of processes with policy and strategy.

Our Risk Assessments of existing and modified processes attest to their suitability for the target operating environment. Efficiency improvement metrics enable us to provide a realistic breakdown of associated operating cost reductions.

Finally we collate and document Business Process outcomes for you in Operating Models, the Portfolio of Change and their respective end programmes or projects.

To summarise, Pentagon can provide all of the necessary guidance and support for Business Process Change:

  • Business Process Remodelling
  • Documentation of existing and changed Business Process
  • Assessment of operational suitability and alignment with policy and strategy
  • Full breakdown of Cost Reduction analysis
  • Delivery of industry-standard Business Process associated documents