The journey from initial Project Scoping through to Signoff presents many challenges along the way.

Unless kept in-check projects have a habit of growing as they progress, threatening delivery dates, overwhelming resources and stretching budgets. We define Project Scope in a realistic, value-based and pragmatic way. Experience enables us to highlight further business opportunity without threatening the Critical Path.

Pentagon’s Domain Product and Solution Subject Matter Expertise (SME) ensures this journey is as uneventful and as pleasant as possible drawing on broad experience to anticipate many potential challenges and obstacles to come.

Working closely with Operations, IT and project teams we use a Structured approach to creating a Technical and Functional Systems Design, engaging the intended Users to ensure we meet their requirements, we plan exception handling and work towards defining a clear goal.

Pentagon can provide some or all of the guidance and support necessary throughout this process:

  • Definition of Coverage and Scope
  • Delivery of industry-standard Functional Design Specification associated documents
  • Delivery of industry-standard Technical Design Specification associated documents