Delivering Change on-time and within budget is always important. When component of a large, convoluted or perhaps global change programme the ramifications of overrunning can quickly become very serious indeed.

An important factor in keeping the project on track is the Project Review.

Pentagon can support your business in this regard however small or large your programme of change may be. Working closely with project work stream personnel we conduct and report regular Quality Assurance (QA) and Risk Assessment (RA) reviews to Management and Governance teams ensuring timely communication of delivery critical issues.

Pentagon can provide all of the national or global guidance and support necessary across multiple Elements and Work Streams for this purpose including:

  • Advising and supporting on a full time or ad-hoc basis
  • Performing regular QA review meetings
  • Performing regular RA review meetings
  • Client Representation at internal and external meetings
  • Reporting to Key Stakeholders and Sponsors