The continuous evolution of markets, Business Processes and IT will render the best IT and Data Architecture obsolete in time.

Accumulating tactical solutions, comprising extracts and batch jobs to accommodate incremental change, fosters business risk and creates a growing burden of support and operational management.

Data is at the core of almost every business. Managers of wealth, assets, pension funds, hedge funds and corporate funds to name a few, are increasingly dependent on multiple systems with cross-dependencies whilst the benchmark is heading ever-closer to real-time. Data ownership, governance and management, must be appropriated according to a sound, clear and compliant Data Strategy.

Data Management is one of the core strengths of Pentagon. We are expert at aggregating data across multiple platforms, eliminating superfluity, rationalising convoluted processes and minimising operational cost. One technique we utilise is to create a bespoke auditable Investment Book of Records (IBOR) servicing the centralised data requirements of your business.

Pentagon can provide full Client support with all aspects of this process:

  • Full Platform, Connectivity and Technical Architecture Review
  • Data Strategy and Solution, Design and Implementation
  • Investment Book of Records (IBOR) Design and Implementation
  • Strategic support of Technical Architecture
  • Detailed Specification of Strategic Requirements