Managing programmes and their associated projects through their final stages of delivery adhering to the required quality, scope, time and budgetary constraints is clearly of key importance to your business.

Managing a programme of change involves negotiating many drivers, constraints, responsibilities and priorities. The alignment of goals, mitigation of risk and rationalisation of resources involved in coordinating multiple inter-dependent projects in synchrony towards a defined outcome is an intricate task.

Drawing on a wealth of highly pertinent expertise and knowledge honed in the Financial Sector, coupled with industry proven structured techniques Pentagon’s consultants excel in this environment. Experience in implementing similar business change e.g. for compliance and industry standard purposes means we are ideally placed to save precious time and reduce costs by providing cogent solutions to issues without ‘reinventing the wheel’.

Pentagon can provide support to your organisation in many ways including:

  • Support of project personnel from the business and IT across multiple work streams and locations
  • Provision of Subject Matter Expertise (SME), drawn from real-world experience, as and where needed
  • Programme and Project Management with template based reporting of Scope, Time, Quality and Budget
  • Working with stakeholders and influencers on the delivery of milestones
  • Programme Governance
  • Client representation to third parties