Along with the Target Operating Model (TOM) definition, the planning of Delivery Roadmaps as well as selection of Systems and Solutions will form the foundation of your target business.

Pentagon can fully support your business in the process of considering preferred suppliers right through to implementation.

Mindful of vendor pricing strategy our seasoned negotiators aim to secure you excellent terms agreeable to both parties from the beginning. This approach distances you from the bargaining process while we undertake to alleviate unfavourable pricing disparity helping you to cultivate a lasting business/vendor partnership.

Change utilising services across multiple providers can present a real risk of deviation from the core Target Operating Design. Pentagon provides expert Agreement Governance to harmonise components of contention ahead of commitment to eliminate this risk.

  • Independent attestation to Core Design and Requirements consideration
  • Advice and execution of Contract Negotiation
  • Facilitation of Legal and Contractual Arrangements
  • Agreement Governance aligning Services with core Target Operating Design