Creating an optimal Target Operating Model (TOM) of your business vision, prompted by changes in regulation, products/services, technology, infrastructure, geographical reach, mergers and acquisitions, has never been such a challenge.

We understand that global competition is fierce and Businesses wishing to compete long-term in the international market need an efficient Global Operating Model (GOM).

At Pentagon we use a structured approach to compounding key strategic drivers and constraints with choices and opportunities for improvement. Using established Design Principles we are expert at aligning complex business factors with business strategy. Formulating efficacious but pragmatic models we minimise risk and cost of implementation whilst yielding tangible business benefit.

For the creation of an Operating Model for your future business Pentagon can offer:

  • Facilitation of workshops and all necessary structured sessions to construct a detailed design
  • Provision of Subject Matter Expertise (SME), drawn from real-world experience, exactly where needed
  • Project Management for the creation of your Target/Global Operating Model
  • Delivery of industry-standard TOM associated documents such as Business Taxonomy diagrams and Process Definitions