The organisational side of change, being on the periphery of the core change project, can sometimes suffer a lack of focus.

The technical project, however ingenious, may be regarded by the business as a failure where transition planning and review lacks synchronicity with the migration of corresponding business function.

Pentagon understands just how important Transitioning Change to Business As Usual (BAU) is to the success of a project. With the technical side dealt with this is predominantly about the delivery of change to impacted Users. They must be invested in this change, aware of the operational differences, at the centre of User Acceptance Test (UAT), accepting of any personnel changes, and committed to the embedding process.

User confidence is of paramount consideration. It will be affected by how their day-to-day experience is changed, their view as to whether or not the project sufficiently delivers to expectations and how secure they are at the prospect of the project team withdrawing at handover.

To ensure this process is a successful one Pentagon is able to provide support in a number of ways:

  • Procuring User commitment to Change
  • Managing User expectations
  • Designing key metrics for success criteria and embedment
  • Alignment of deliverables with operational policy and procedure
  • Business resource planning in anticipation of Project Team disbandment
  • Operational Training and exception procedure