Pentagon Supports Investment Book of Record “IBOR” Conference

Pentagon Consulting sponsored a conference on 5th December 2012, at Drapers’ Hall in the City of London, to bring together industry thinking on the topic of Investment Book of Record (“IBOR”). The conference was chaired by the IS Director at M&G Investments.

In recent years, the management of data quality has been a focus for asset managers globally. The scope of data management has gradually broadened from its origins in market data to encompass position data. Asset managers are increasingly concerned that the position data supporting investment decisions should be of the highest quality.

The industry now fully recognises that the status and timing of positions required to support investment decision-making and trading are different from those which serve accounting. Consequently, there is a demand for products and services that will give front office users access to more precise position data in the statuses they demand and deliver better data to them through their portfolio management, trading and risk applications.

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