The Big Data Challenge - Transforming a Global Operating Model

Since 2012, Pentagon has been working with a range of Asset Owners to conduct reviews of their global TOM and we have advised and guided multiple organisations to transform both their technical and operational efficiency.

This includes decommissioning of ‘best of breed’ solutions offering silo functionality and replacing with Front to Back alternatives encompassing IBOR functionality. Other Managers are looking to the buy-side vendor market to provide IBOR connectivity to existing third party applications.

What challenges do Asset Managers face?

Data management and aggregation are constantly evolving challenges for most financial organisations, with Asset Managers continually assessing how they can deliver and present data throughout the business on a global scale.

Historically, for ‘managers of assets’, concerns and demands from the front office commonly drove this debate, as in many cases the data available from traditional back office systems did not meet the standards and quality needed to make real time investment decisions. Componentised technical architecture, which resulted in data and ‘events’ occurring in numerous onerous platforms in batch processes overnight is now becoming a process of the past when Managers are reviewing their target operating model (TOM).

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